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Corporate culture

   Corporate vision: to become the world‘s most competitive LED supplier!
Business philosophy: people-oriented, respect, respecting the customers letter to Germany, sustainable development!
Teng jie is the stage of each active employee fly our dreams!
Teng jie won‘t forget every hand in staff!
Teng jie gives each employee fair opportunity!
Teng jie to nurture, care and cherish everyone!
Teng jie to mining and play the potential of each employee.
Take the statue of guest:
Teng jie depends on our customers!
Customer satisfaction is our survival and development of fundamental teng jie!
Want to customer thought, the anxious customer anxious, always a bargain to pay!
Letter to:
Teng jie to good faith doctrine as a business!
Teng jie by the good faith as a social image!
Teng jie by the good faith as a professional personal integrity!
Sustainable development:
To cultivate the creative team, to create with responsibility for the culture of enterprise, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of sustainable development!
Core values: ses together can share innovation
Never forget that hard to grow together with us partner!
Integration of all resources can be integrated, inspire all condensed employee potential!
In time of peace prepare for war, save for a rainy day, never slack, positive change, leadership trend!
Bound together, common development!
The society, for the society!
The benefit for the customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees.

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