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Service Support


SERVICES include:

1, the company will provide users with the display system of technical advisory services, and display technical parameters, specifications, indicators, device configuration, feature set, and environmental factors that affect the full set of the NCSAs views and technical advice.

2, provides a full range of technical documents, equipment, information and instructions for use and maintenance instructions.

3, free for user training, operation, and maintenance personnel. Due to the operation of the system and the day-to-day general maintenance needs of the professional knowledge and skills, therefore, the company will propose training programs, and user training designated personnel at the scene, these training include:

* Operation training: system overview, system operating procedures, programming examples, internship site operation.

* Maintenance Training: examination of the various components of the system, the system adjustment and maintenance, systems and components troubleshooting.

Second, the after-sales stage:

1, product assembly, commissioning, training and after-sales service responsible for the completion of all my company.

2, operator training, my company free of charge for the user training related instructions for use and simple maintenance.

3, installation and commissioning, the company can send professional guidance to complete.

4 companies to provide users with quality assurance instructions (conventional product warranty period of 2 years):

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