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Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

  Was founded in 2009, is a professional development, manufacture, sales of LED, SMD. Single-core multi-fiber piranha LED, high power LED and LED strips lights, lighting lamps and lanterns series photoelectric science and technology enterprises, the company is located in shenzhen guangming new district, same high-speed exit hai).
  The company has advanced automatic LED, SMD, piranha, high-power packaging equipment and exquisite white light LED packaging technology team.


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Causes of packaging failur...

Analysis of the causes of package failure caused by high temperature ...[Detail]


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Shenzhen teng jie photoelectric technology co., LTD
Telephone: 0755-29694811
Fax: 0755-29536086
Address: guangdong province shenzhen light district hai town village in the peak park F building 5 floor

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